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What is the BBA Lawyer Referral Service?

The Birmingham Bar Association operates a lawyer referral service for persons who may need legal assistance but are unsure of where to turn.   The Service maintains a list of 150 pre-screened and experienced lawyers, and connects potential clients to attorneys with experience in all areas of the law, including:

  • Domestic Relations:  divorce, custody, support & other family law matters;

  • Personal Injury:  auto accidents, products liability, wrongful death, negligence & malpractice; 

  • Estate and Probate matters:  will drafting, trusts, adoptions, etc.;

  • Real Estate:  buying or selling real estate, foreclosure defense & landlord-tenant issues;

  • Employment Law:  wrongful termination, harassment & discrimination; 

Who does the Lawyer Referral Service Help?

The BBA Lawyer Referral Service provides a referral to individuals who can afford to pay an attorney, but do not know how to find one experienced and qualified in a particular field of law.  It is important to note that the Lawyer Referral Service is not a free, or pro bono, service.  Participating attorneys charge fees for their services.

How much does it cost?

There is no initial cost to request a lawyer referral.  Once you contact the lawyer to whom you have been referred, the lawyer will discuss with you any initial consultation fees.  During or after the initial consultation, the lawyer will talk with you about the legal fees required to handle your particular matter.  The lawyer's fee is typically determined by the amount of time and work required, the difficulties involved in your particular case, the amount of money involved and other factors.  There is no obligation on the part of any person referred through the Lawyer Referral Service to work with a particular lawyer beyond the initial 30-minute consultation.

How do I contact the Lawyer Referral Service?

E-mail or call 205-251-8006 and choosing "Option 1."  Should you need a lawyer referral outside the Birmingham metropolitan area, you may call the Alabama State Bar Referral Line at 800-392-5660 or the State Bar Association for the State that has jurisdiction in your particular case.


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