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BBA Featured Member:  J. Vincent Swiney, II, Chair, Workers' Compensation Section


J. Vincent Swiney, II
Townes & Woods, P.C.

Undergraduate/Law School:
Auburn University, B.A. (History)
Cumberland School of Law of Samford University, J.D.

Years Practicing: 12

How have you been involved in the Birmingham Bar?
I joined the BBA my first year of practice.  Since that time, I have served on numerous committees including the History and Archives Committee, the Long Range Planning Committee, The Newsletter Committee and have been most active in the Workers’ Compensation Section, of which I currently Chair and which allows me to serve on the BBA Executive Committee.  I am also a member of the Probate Section and (I believe for the final year) the Young Lawyers’ Section.

What do you like most about the Birmingham Bar?
I believe the thing I most like about the BBA is the collegiality.  I have met many friends and mentors through the BBA and I believe the BBA does wonders to bridge the gap between lawyers who typically work opposing sides of cases.  I also am proud to be part of an organization that believes in public service and helping its fellow man.

What is the most rewarding experience in your practice of law?
The most rewarding part of my practice is helping my clients obtain some semblance of their life back after a life altering experience.  I primarily focus on workers’ compensation and Social Security cases so, typically, my clients have experienced some traumatic event that has turned their life upside down.  When I am able to help them turn it back right side up, at least as much as the law allows, it makes the other difficulties I experience in my practice all worth it.

What makes you proud to be a lawyer?
I am proud that I am a part of a profession that can, and more often than not does, help people who need it most.  What a lawyer does on a day-to-day basis is often life-altering for his or her client and is a great responsibility which is quite an honor.  I am also proud of our Bar in general.  I can count on one hand how many unpleasant experiences I have had with other lawyers in Birmingham but the good experiences I have had are countless.

What advice would you give to new lawyers just beginning practice?
Always treat others, whether it be clients or lawyers, how you would want to be treated.  Also, listen more than you speak and find a mentor who genuinely cares about helping you become a great attorney.  Finally, get involved in the Bar and its numerous activities.  You will make more friends than you can imagine and you cannot have too many friends in our profession.

Any information you would like to share about family, hobbies, etc.?  My beautiful wife and I, along with our two wonderful daughters, live in the Altadena area of Birmingham.  I enjoy attending my kids’ activities, hunting, fishing, and Auburn football.  War Eagle!


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