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The Birmingham Bar Association’s Mentoring Committee is charged with evaluation and implementation of the BBA's New Lawyer Mentoring Program. The Program pairs qualifying newly-admitted lawyers (those working full-time as attorneys, referred to as “Mentees”) with an experienced lawyer (i.e., “Mentors”) for a one-on-one mentoring experience. At their initial meeting held in September of each year, the mentor and mentee decide which six out of forty exercises they will complete during the September through April program year. Mentees must also attend six courtroom mentoring sessions during which local municipal, state and federal judges explain to the Mentees what is expected of them in their courts in the way of courtroom procedure and ethical and professional conduct. ALL MEMBERS OF THE BAR ARE INVITED TO ATTEND THE COURTROOM SESSIONS. Full information about the program can be found at the following website:
 2012-13 Courtroom Session Schedule

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